Xbox 360 Fighting Games with Sucess

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around forever, and their games have always seemed to be targeted for their key demographic, younger fighting games (go figure). TMNT
is no exception and has some seriously easy achievements to unlock. Almost all of the achievements can be unlocked just by completing the game one time, but there a few that require you to do special things like replay a level to unlock a special collectible coin, or finish a level without taking damage. The good news here is that even these "additional" achievements are incredibly easy. You can beat TMNT in about 6-7 hours and unlock all the achievements and all 1000 gamerscore. An incredibly easy 1000 gamerscore.

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Based off of the movie with the same name, Peter Jackson's King Kong was one of the opening games for the Xbox 360 console. The story line strays a little from the movie, but for the most part all the important scenes are there. Regardless of how true the game is to the film, this is a great game for those who want to boost their gamerscore with only a handful of hours played.

First off, before you start a new game go to the main menu where you can choose between play, options, and extras. Hold LB+RB++LT+RT and press down, up, Y, X, down, down, Y, Y. A cheat menu will appear. Go into this menu and input the code:


With this code, you will be invincible in all of the levels you play as Jack. As every level begins however, you will have to re-input this code from the pause menu under cheats. This cheat unfortunately does not work on the levels you play as Kong. This code also does NOT stop the achievements from unlocking, so use it every chance you get.

With that handy bit of advice, just play through the levels one at a time unlocking the achievements as you go. All 9 achievements, and all 1000 gamerscore points are awarded just for beating the entire game through from the beginning. Talk about easy.

College Hoops 2K6

Much like NBA 2K6, College Hoops 2K6 has some seriously easy achievements that can be completed in a single exhibition game. First of all, lets start by turning the difficulty to Walk-On and set
the mode to arcade. This will allow your players an unlimited amount of stamina so you can substitute in and out as you want without your best guys getting tired. Next, set the half length to 20 minutes. Finally, go into the difficulty sliders and max out all of your sliders while minimizing all of the computers sliders. All of the achievements are quite easy to get except for the six blocks with a single player in a game achievement. Since this one is tricky I suggest starting an exhibition game as the Wisconsin Badgers and playing against the worst team you can find. The reason we want to use the Badgers is because they have a plethora of giant, shot blocking players on their roster. All of the achievements are extremely straight forward and need no explanation, but here is a quick tip on how to unlock the Block Six Shots with a Single Player achievement:

Make sure one of your big men is alone in the post covering his man. Take control of the guards and run them out past half court to get them out of the picture. They will continue to come back to cover their man after you switch off of controlling them, so you will need to keep doing this. Eventually the computer will dish it down in the post, let the AI maintain control of your big man and just let him get the blocks himself.

Gather up six blocks with the same guy and unlock the final achievement.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe seems like a game targeted for a younger audience, but if you can get past this feeling there is an excellent gaming experience to be found. This game focuses on action and forgoes the usual intense story of similar themed movies and play games. The story element is light and funny, the action is fun and fast paced, and the achievements are easy. All of the achievements are pretty self explanatory and need no real description. The Fury's Fourteen achievements can be a little time consuming but the best way to unlock it is to beat the game and continue to replay the last level over and over. Every time you beat the last level you will be rewarded 3,000 credits for beating the final boss. You may need 10-15 replays of the last level to do this, but each run only takes about 15 minutes. Another seriously easy 1000 gamerscore points.