Awaited Wii Games of 2010

Anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 knows how great this title has the chance to be. The downside of buying a video game remake is relatively small, and for the fifty dollar price tag Goldeneye should prove to be a lot of
fun. Of course, multiplayer mode is where things can get really interesting, and with four players on the same screen this title has the chance to bring the shooting genre back on track on the Wii. Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo Wii will be available on 10/26/10.

Metroid: Other M

The Metroid series has been a winner for Nintendo in the past, and Metroid: Other M should not be any different. While Other M is a return to more traditional gameplay, a solid story and impressive visuals should balance the equation nicely. This game was announced ages ago, and fans have been waiting in high anticipation for the 8/31/10 realease. As a solo space adventure and platformer go Metroid: Other M should be enough of winner for everyone.

This title doesn't need much of an introduction. It is the sequel to what is considered to be the greatest platformer of all time and brings crazy new power ups and challenges to the table. It also marks the return of
everybody's favorite sidekick, Yoshi, who has a slew of new power ups for him as well.There are also a couple of new hint systems in place, similar to those found in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, to help people cope with the increased difficulty level.

Arc Rise Fantasia - June 22nd- Wii

Many Wii owners are starved for a good JRPG, and this shooting games looks like it is going to deliver. Japanese impressions of the title were good, it was developed by a few alumni from the Tales of Symphonia team, and has music composed by Yasunori Mistuda. All of these ingredients make this one RPG to look out for this June.

Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor - June 27th- Wii

The sequel to the Nintendo 64 cult classic Sin and Punishment is finally coming to the Wii. Developed by Treasure, the preeminent old school shooter developers, this title looks to bring even more twitch action than the first. The original title practically begged for pointer controls, which are finally delivered in this sequel- but for those who wish to play it like they did on the Nintendo 64, classic controller and Gamecube controller options are available. Epic bosses and bullet storms await those who want a severe challenge in the coming months.

Metroid: Other M - August 31st - Wii

A collaboration between Team Ninja, the developers behind Ninja Gaiden, and Nintendo, this title looks to take Samus back to her roots with side-scrolling 3D fighting games action. This title also attempts to flesh out the narrative, something the series hasn't been known for up until this point. I was very hesitant about Team Ninja's ability to make a good Metroid at first, coming off of the excellent Metroid Prime trilogy, but it seems this title is in very capable hands.