Most of 2010 Video Shooting Games Becoming More Realistic - Children Must Not To Play

Money is the major part of the video game industry. What do I mean by this? Well most young boys spend the majority of their money either at the arcade or on purchasing the latest video game. The thing that makes it
even worse is the parents are the one supplying the money. And then you wonder why your child’s behavior slowly begins to change. Some parents tend to brush it off as just a phase that boys go through. But do you realize that 50% of the people who purchase these video games are grown men over the age of 30. Most of the violent games have adult rating anyway, so your child really has no business playing them. Part of the reason why this happens is because parents fail to pay attention to what their children buy or what their children play. The video game industry gives the kids exactly what they want. Kids with low self esteem use video games to give them the power and control that they want and need. The players themselves feel the immense power these games have over them.

Some kids have even become addicted or hooked on these games. If you ask kids many of them will tell you that it’s like a drug. Parents will tell you that it is v very difficult to try and wean your kids from these games. Video games like shooting games can have a very damaging effect on children. A newspaper columnist commented that watching children play the games reminded him of compulsive, gamblers, sitting for hour on end pumping quarter into the slot machine. The games are made to fascinate a child at the point in the child’s development when mastery and control become the most important issues. There is also a large amount of war games. They work on the kill or be killed instance, they are violence oriented and they promote aggression without mercy. These games cater to instant gratification. This helps to make kids less tolerant and patient. They are cultivating a generation of mindless, ill-tempered adolescents. Many parents are becoming more concerned over what the arcade video games can do to their children. While some games may protect children from the undesirable elements at the arcades, the effect is largely the same.

That is why for a children at minor they need to play games which are right for them

Graffiti Kingdom: The unique thing about this game is that kids can draw their own monsters before playing. If they give their monster wings, it can fly. If they give it wheels, it can speed down the road. This game is
unique and fun. PS2, Rated E

Karaoke Revolution Party: Dance on a plug-in dance pad while you sing and your performance will be displayed on the screen! Fun and different, this game is rated E but especially suitable for 8 to 10 year olds. Game Cube, PS2, Xbox

Disney's Kim Possible 3 - Team Possible: Although this game requires some reading it's fun for 7 to 12 year olds and is rated E. Players battle Dr. Drakken and his monkeys, looking for a stolen photo album. More fun than it sounds, especially for those who love Kim Possible. GBA

Ed, Edd N' Eddy - The Misedventures: Although this is a one-person game it's fast-paced and lots of fun. Mazes, stink bombs and other surprises make this game a real winner, particularly to kids who love the tv show. PS2, Game Cube, GBA, Win, Xbox,

Kirby - Canvas Curse: Move Kirby through a series of mazes where you use the stylus rather than the controller. DS, Rated E

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy: This games comes complete with built-in motion sensor so players can rock, lean and tilt the GBA to move Yoshi through mazes. GBA, Rated E

Mario Superstar Baseball: Kids and adults will like this game which includes options for up to 4 players. Easy to learn and play. Game Cube, Rated E

Spongebob Squarepants - Lights, Camera, Pants: Four players can participate in any one of 34 mini games which encourage team work. You'll need more than one controller but it's a fun time for all. Game Cube, GBA, PS2, Win, Xbox, Rated E

And Am going to give you some information what video games to buy for your children

Why Sega, Sonic, and Super Mario Are All Pivitol Parts of a Child's Development
1) Video Games are not toys. Never refer to them as toys, or buy them from a toy store. If you refer to a video game as a toy, you will ultimately be disenfranchising the dozens of people who work hard hours to
turn out a quality gaming product. if you buy video games from a toy store, you will end up not getting the most for your money, due to special stores, like EB Games and GameStop having deals on a lot of bargin games that while older, are perfect for you're younger son or daughter. (Example: Spider-man 2 is still Fifty dollars at KB Toys and 19.99 used at EBGames)

2) If a video game console is turned on and your child is not around -do not- shut off the console. Odds are he left it that way for a reason, and needs to return to it in a timely mannor. Shutting off the console could erase hours of his hard work. When it doubt, don't touch.

3) Show a vested interest in his play, don't look at the screen in passing and then turn in disgust when he turns a bad guy into Rings/Coins/dust/goo without understanding the motive.

4) When and if your son or daughter does something wrong in school/home/ with friends don't automaticly blame the video games, media doesn't directly influence people. Frank Zappa once said that it's obvious that media doesn't directly influence people because there are more love songs than anything else, and not everyone is in love. So if you child gets into a fight or whatnot, don't automaticly assume that Fight Night Round 3 led him to that end. And if it is found that he was imitating something he did in a video game, don't immediately ban him from all interactive fiction that has ever existed. heres a concept: Talk with him. Explain to him the difference. You, as a parent, should be the best gauge of your child's maturity/grasp of reality. At the same time, don't be quick to blame his passion for any of his problems. Again, talk to your child.

5) Don't use video games as a carrot/stick type arrangement. If you use video games as a tool for chores or other things he has to do, will only create a dependency on them as a reward, or as an adiction, versus as a fun way to pass time. Don't get me wrong, don't give your kids carte blanche but when using video games as a reward, explain that it is an analogy for real life, and that with hard work does come many rewards, but that isn't why you should work hard.

In a completely non-violent affair (sans a bee sting or two) Animal Crossing truly is a game for all ages, as both teens and kids alike love this game. By creating a caring community, the goal of this game is to become
friends and be a good upstanding citizen and to upgrade your house and attain independent wealth. Maybe a tad boring for some of our more hyper active children, I've found that girls and boys alike tend to love the decorating aspects of this game. (Note: This game contains several older NES games for added replayability, allowing for hours upon end of twitch action.

Ages 4-8 say: They look funny.
Ages 8-12 say: This is boring
Ages 12+ say : This is fun!
Parent's say: I don't get it.

Price: around 10 dollars if you look around.

Spider-Man 2
System(s): GameCube, Xbox ,Playstation 2

Spider-man 2 is an easy, fun, thrilling game that even manages to throw in a moral or two in there, by hammering home the concept of "With great power comes great responsibility". Also, the game is pretty darn challenging and will entice kids to strive to become better at the game, and perhaps better at everything they do. Also, it's a great game if your child has a big brother gamer as well, who may be able to help him out with some of the harder parts.

Ages 4-8 say: this is hard (but they'll love watching someone play it)
Ages 8-12 say: This is great!
Ages 12+ say: This is great!
Parents Say: This is pretty fun to watch

Price: 19.99

Mario Sunshine.
System(s): GameCube

Mario is a character as timeless as Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny, how a fat little plummer became the flagship for video gaming for the past twenty years I will never know, but one thing I do know, is that Mario Sunshine is a darn fun game. A bright and colorful game, this is the perfect game to play with your son or daughter on a friday night while relaxing with the family, allow him to tell you all the details and the ins and outs of mario's world, and I'm willing to be you'll become interested.

Ages 4-8 say: This is hard (but fun to try out)
Ages 8-12 say: This is funny and fun
Ages 12+ say: This is fun
Parents say: This is cute.

Price: 7.99 (used) in most EBgames stores.

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