Chrono Trigger - Super Nintendo

A game created in the early 90s, which was a great hit, by Square. It is a story of a boy who meets a princess and in an accident using a new teleport device created by Lucca, the princess, Marle, is transported backwards in time, where out main character, Crono, travels back to save her. After that event, they discover that there time as well as the past and future are in danger from a man named Magus and his Beast from the earths core Lavos. Crono and friends travel through time with "gates" to try and stop the end of the world.

I loved this fighting games , ever since i first played it years ago, there was a remake on playstation 1 that had anime cutscenes but it did not do as well as the orginal. The play games , story and characters drew me in and i was in love after the first few minutes, a great game IMO and fun for all RPG fans.

Its an action RPG, the enemies are visable so therefore avoidable but once contact is made, renforcments may be called by the enemy. The battle system is ATB (active time battle) and skills are learned with AP while levels are with exp, both received by winning battles. Battle starts once contact with the enemy is made and the characters move into place giving it a real-time feel.

Excellent game for RPG fans and those who love a great story.