Final Fantasy XII - A Fighting and Shooting Games

You have all heard of the Final Fantasy series. Even from its humble beginnings on the NES, it was revered as the elite of role playing fighting games. This latest title will not disappoint, and keeps up with the ground breaking standard set by Squaresoft over the years.

A major improvement from what some saw as a disappointment from number X, from the opening cinematic to the closing moments, Final Fantasy XII will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more and loving every coming moment of game play.

You play as Vaan, a street thief and enemy of the Archadian Empire, and the entire game has you fighting against them with a team of warriors and mages, as you rebel against them and rally more to your cause.

The game play has been majorly changed from any other Final Fantasy (console) game to date. The game plays in a nearly open ended, free range way. When you're not on the main quest, you can do the odd side quest as well as over 50 bounty hunts as part of a hunting clan. Battle and exploration has now been expertly moulded together, creating a MMORPG adventure of sorts, and making you feel like you are actually inside the world of Ivalice.

The graphics, attention to detail and character models are beautiful, with every character looking expertly designed and with currently equipped weapons and armor being displayed on each character.

The sound and music, as usual, is at the highest industry standard, and this time the voice acting is flawless.

With a 50 hour main quest and lots of other things to do upon completion, you'll be hard pressed to find a shootting games more worth your time. Overall Final Fantasy XII is one of the best Final Fantasy titles ever made, and if you are a fan of RPG's, or just haven't played it, I highly recommend it as you're next title.