My favorite Fighting Games

When it comes to bringing old-school 2D fighting to handheld, it always had to be Capcom that makes it possible. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival is an arcade perfect port of an already unique fighting edition that is now released with upgraded graphics and features for the GBA. All the original special attacks, bone crushing combos, and trademark super combos are back in a nice portable package. You'll get all these in every one of the 16 selectable fighters you can choose from and two more with two secret boss characters you can unlock with the Vs. points you earn. There will also be other modes such as a Survival Mode with plenty of fighting games play options, a Bonus Game Practice Mode, a Time Attack Mode, and a Training Mode for practice play as well as a two player VS. Link Mode for fighting against a friend. When it comes to Capcom, thing just never gets old, that's why Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival is here to stay and perfect for play on the go anytime.
Samurai Shodown! 2 - SNK [Neo Geo Pocket Color]

When the Neo Geo Pocket Color still goes one on one against Nintendo's Game Boy Color at the handheld war era of 1998 through 2000, a lot of fighting games were released from SNK for their portable handheld. Samurai Shodown! 2 was one of their greatest masterpiece from that time and all it really do is feature a great arcade fighting edition by introducing more and more special moves and that is what this game is. This game is based on the Neo Geo version of Samurai Shodown: Warrior's Rage but in a little portable fashion, it contains 12 selectable fighters plus two unlockable secret characters as well as special weapon combos, POW moves, air attacks, and bust and slash features of the console original. The game also feature a two player vs. play mode fun for battling a friend. Though since the Neo Geo Pocket Color didn't sell as good as the Game Boy Color back then, not every fighting fans of the popular series had ever got the chance to play this great and unique Neo Geo arcade handheld reincarnation.
King of Fighters: Round 1 & 2 - SNK [Neo Geo Pocket Color]

Like all SNK's King of Fighters titles for the arcade and Neo Geo, these two little arcade fighting editions are based from those editions and bring the best features from those console versions to these unique portable packages. In King of Fighters: Round 1 and/or Round 2, depending on which one you had, features super deform fighters in cute chibi style sprite ready to pack a serious 2D punch in the face of all fighters everywhere, over 14 selectable characters plus two hidden boss characters in each version as well as special moves, super combos, team attacks, and unique striker system that is the trademark of these popular arcade ports. You'll also get a handful of four different modes of play as well as a vs. link mode against a friend either in Single Battle, or Team Battle. These are great titles that really shows their ages and great for handheld fighting fans everywhere.