Great Games Street Fighter , Battle Arena Toshinden, Pocket Fighter To Play

Capcom had always been known to releasing great Street Fighter ports on multiple platforms and this play games Boy Color port is no different. In Street Fighter Alpha for the GBC released in 1999, you get 10 selectable fighters as well as 3 secret brawlers to battle in either Training or Arcade Mode. You'll also be treated to some nice special flashy super combos, special moves, alpha counters, chain combos, linking moves, air juggles, moves cancels, and such that you'll think it's almost a necessity. What's more to this version, you get to battle in great 2D stages which in terms had a similarity to the console version and each character is super deform in its original 2D sprite that will make you realize each familiar faces as you play. The only feature that you will not be expected to get is a great two player vs. multi-play against a friend but the great graphics, game play, and fighters will make up for it if you're a hardcore Street Fighter fan who only crave individual fighting on the go.

Battle Arena Toshinden - Takara [Game Boy]

Released in 1996 for the Game Boy, this little arcade to handheld fighting edition also supports the Super Game Boy for a capabilities feature with upgraded graphics and game play. This game features five play modes and nine selectable characters from the get go, four secret boss characters are also selectable once unlock with either a code or a secret accomplishment. You still had a good variety of special moves, super combos, and weapon attacks as well as cheap ring out moves for a fun good time. Takara also jam in as much fun to the game with a multiplayer vs. mode for a one on one fighting against a pal or a team vs. battle for a friends vs. friends competition.

King of Fighters 95,' 96,' & 97' - SNK [Game Boy]

SNK's King of Fighters ports of their popular arcade games for the Game Boy are crazy fun. All three titles features great 2D super deform characters, 2D battle stages, four different modes of play including a 2-Players vs. link battle and vs. team battle as well as an Endless Survival Mode. Each game also comes pack with a whopping of over 15 or more selectable characters and bosses as well as secret fighters that will make any arcade and handheld fighting fans drool. These are definitely awesome titles to have on the go or to kill off some times.

Pocket Fighter - Capcom [Wonder Swan]

Yes, it's Pocket Fighter on a handheld with great 2D graphics and game play of the console original. This game includes ten selectable pint-sized chibi characters from Capcom's popular Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and WarZard series; each fighters comes complete with their arsenals of special attacks, super pocket combos, green flame moves, and pocket counters and player can also jam in with a friends via link play in the Multi Vs. Mode. Too bad this hardcore fighting title was only released on a Japanese handheld and never made it state-side, but for any handheld hardcore fighting fans who are tough enough to import this great handheld fighting edition as well as the Wonder Swan will have a lot of bone crushing fun.