Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido Fighting Games

He's been in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for over thirteen years. At the moment, he also teaches those two styles as one of his jobs. Martial arts is a huge impact in his life and most fighting games contain references to
real life martial arts styles. It's understandable as to why the creator is very passionate about the genre of VS-style fighting games. But he's not the only one that feels that way.

Asides as serving as a database of fighting games, Fighters Generation also serves as a place to honor the diversity of the various martial arts in the world and to honor to fighting spirit. Like martial arts sparring, a good fighting game requires you to put forth a good deal of the following: mental focus and concencration, sharp reaction time, decisions that are precise, creativity, pure skill, understanding, and knowledge.

This genre as Yagami sais will bring players together in a battle you cannot find anywhere else. In a sense, it helps keep the brain young which is good.

For the fighting game enthusiast, they can take advantage of the character database that TFG has to offer. This archive has information on nearly every character to be in a fighting game. Everything is listed in a neat fashin from A to Z with information for over two-hundred different characters present at least.

But if you find the character archives confusing, you could take a look at the "games" archive. Almost all of the known games are listed and you can click on each link. There it brings you to the information of the game you clicked on such as the storyline, the characters, and Yagami's rating of the game. Being passionate about fighting free games, Yagami tends to be a harsh critic.

Recently he created his rating system on the following: Gameplay Engine, Story/Theme, Overall Graphics, Animation, Music/Sound Effects, Innovation/Creativity, Customization/Options, Intro/Presentation, Replayability/Fun, "Ouch Factor", Characters, and Overall Score. Each aspect of the grading scale is out of 10 each. After each grading, Yagami leaves an extensive closing comment that's very serious and thorough.

In regards to the closing comments, Yagami doesn't sugarcoat anything. He'll speak his mind even if it's very harsh. Yagami will explain what he feels made the game good and what made the game suck. In a sense it helps people to see what fighting games they should play and what fighting games they shouldn't play. Though there are plenty of fighting games listed there are plenty more that aren't listed.