My Personal Fighting Games

Another great SNK arcade fighting masterpiece for the Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld. Last Blade includes twelve selectable super deform characters each complete with different fighting style, special moves, super
combos, POW attacks, counter moves, and air attacks. The fighting games also features 2D quality graphics, fast game play, easy to handle control, four great modes of play to rumble, and two players can duke it out in vs. battle via link cable. Most fun of all, you can link your battle records with Dreamcast support from Last Blade: Wrath of the Samurai.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special! - SNK [Game Boy]

It's almost a guaranteed pleasure to know that SNK is supporting the Game Boy with more arcade fighting ports to handheld titles than Capcom ever did. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special! for the Game Boy is likely their best edition to come ever. This handheld arcade port features 2D quality graphics and game play, super deform characters each with their own special attacks, super combos, limit breaks, counter attacks, and team attacks. The game also contains 15 selectable fighters and two secret boss characters, and over five modes of play including a two players vs. link battle mode against a friend. Though this hardcore fighting title is not released here in the state yet, handheld hardcore fighting fans can import the Japanese version for a fun free-for-all good time.

Dual Blade - Metro 3D [Game Boy Advance]

Not that Metro 3D wants to get in on bringing the greatest fighters to the GBA but they did it very well that it almost beat other fighting handheld competitors. In Dual Blade, you get the control of 10 selectable characters with two remained hidden, the game features multiple modes of play including a two player vs. match via link cable and each fighter is able to combat with their own trademark weapon, special attacks, and overdrive combos. If you are a die-hard fighting fans and wants a good old free games to kill off a few free time, get this title, it's definitely worth it.