SNK's arcade fighting games

SNK's arcade fighting games ports kept on coming for their powerful handheld. Fatal Fury: First Contact was their greatest success and is a great port of the arcade original title, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers. This
handheld version contains over 14 selectable fighters, two hidden boss characters, over five modes of play, and a link vs. battle mode. It also features the complete package of special moves, super combos, limit breaks, air attacks, and serious counters for each character. The cute anime arts and super deform characters are also an eye candy to watch and the battles are fierce that will leave you craving for more, though it's rare to find this great hardcore title these days, you can import it directly from Japan and have a fun crazy good time.

SNK Gal Fighters - SNK [Neo Geo Pocket Color]

Cuteness and beautiful is what this game had to offer. SNK Gal Fighters is a female version of the King of Fighters title with more super deform characters, high quality 2D graphics, and stunning game play. The game also features over eight of the most sexiest, dominate, and toughest female fighters of any SNK arcade brawlers. You can also play one on one against a friend via link cable and enjoy a fun lasting passion of women crushing combat in the palm of your hands. Though it's Japanese released only, you can import and enjoy it over the long holiday weekends or vacation.

Mighty Morphin: Power Rangers - Bandai [Game Gear]

Bandai, the company that is responsible for creating the same Mighty Morphin: Power Rangers toys and merchandise also had a time to shine with this handheld title of a great 2D fighting game. Mighty Morphin: Power Rangers for the Sega Game Gear includes 12 selectable characters from the popular T.V. show, ten battle stages, and five modes of play. It also features a great 2D battle system, fun mini bonus game, and an unlockable pack of goodies. The control may cause a little problem at first but can later be fix by the amazing play free games and two players vs. matches. For any 2D handheld hardcore fighting fans of this caliber may be for a real treat to have with this handheld port of a great title.