Play Games Gothic - PC

This is a basic fantasy RPG play games with orcs and humans where a hero is thrown into a magical prison where he has to join one of three camps (Old, New, and Swamp). The Old camp is the first settled camp where the class is a warrior. The New camp is a branch of the Old camp, but they are trying to escape the prison. Their class is a rogue. Finally, the Swamp camp, where they are trying to awaken their god, "The Sleeper", and they are magic based class. Each camp has a different rank hierarchy.

The game is very well done, and extremely open ended to the point where you can beat the game right when you start off, but it would obviously take severe luck and a lot of time.

The controls are the usual, awsd to move, mouse to look around ETC.

The intense fight sequences are what do this game for me. They are not turn based and they are not slow at all. In fact you can train to do combo's to maximize damage. It is all based on timing when you attack.

Even though the fight sequences are fun, the control is a little difficult to get used to. If you use a mouse, the left mouse button must be pressed, along with a directional after you have drawn your weapon. The fights can become tedious and annoying with just trading blows until one falls, and most fights can be avoided, but that is not recommended. You should get as good as you can while it's easier or you will be dreaded the ending fights.

The story is very well done, and interconnected, as in no matter what camp you join, it will follow the basic story line.

The only down fall of this game is it's unusual amount of bugs, most of which cause the game to freeze, the character to freeze, or even the game to completely crash. Obviously these are unavoidable, but this game has more than others to the point where you want to save quite often. (review by Anathema777)