StarFox 64/Lylat Wars

This game takes us through a little walk down memory lane, and a bit of history between StarFox's Father (James Mcloud), Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. We learn that they were all called to Venom for a mission by the general.

They arrive at Venom only to be ambushed by Andross's henchman, we soon learn that Pigma Dengar has betrayed the team, and has helped in trying to ambush both Fox Mcloud and Peppy Hare.

Peppy makes it back to the planet Corneria, but sadly Fox Mcloud, doesn't make it back.

Upon this news, the general decides to make a new StarFox Team, headed by none other than James Mclouds only son Fox Mcloud, another recruit Slippy Toad, Falco Bombardo and an oldy but a goody, Peppy Hare (Remember Him)

They start on (assuming) their first mission, which is in the planet of Corneria, and takes flight thus starting the mission.


This was my first game for the N64, and I was thouroughly happy with this game, it was sometime in 1998 that I got it.

Also this was one of the first shooting games to ever use a Rumble Pak, shedding a bit of history for those who are familiar with the Rumble Pak.

The interface of the game is quite non-plussed where it moves in a 3D motion, you'll see various types of planets, in one has to finish the missions, becoming more familiar in the game you'll learn that you can either Accomplish or Complete the missions, you will soon distinguish between the two once you play further on.

The graphics of the game I'd say isn't too shabby, for it's time that is, the use of 3D in that time, was quite remarkable.

Gameplay basically is you on the Arwing, which is a fighter ship, this is one of those games where you're glad you have a Joystick, and it was quite fun too!! At a certain stage you get to use another vehicle, you'll have to guess what it is...

The music is well played, using them at the right times, setting both the tone and the mood of every level, my favourite piece of music, is when StarFox beats...... Ohhh, can't revel too much there can I

The storyline is very good, it basically follows the same as it's predecessors on the Super Nintendo.

Controls are very good, and easily enjoyable and very fun.

The only downfall I'd have to say is they could have done more to the Multiplayer function to make it appeal to the wider audience, there was not much there in playability, not many options, and there were only 2 vehicles in which to choose from, there was a lot of potential there, but I guess they focused on the main part of the game, and that was the single player option.

There is also a Training function, if you are finding it hard to play, I wouldn't know why you would, but there are some of those who find this game difficult in terms of control, you can use this function to further help you.