Top PS3 Games for 2010

2009 was a big year for the PlayStation 3 as Sony unleashed chart-topping title after title to games fans; 2010 will carry on this tradition with big-name sequels like Kilzone 2, Unchartered 2 and BioShock 2, to Heavy Rain, inFamous and Gran Turismo 5. With all of these titles reconfirming the PS3's place in the top consoles available, Sony has a lot to live up to in 2010. Though almost half the year has passed already, the anticipation has yet to die down, as many highly praised titles have either just been released or are about to be released.

Just out and already a genre-classic, God of War III shooting games more than lives up to the hype produced from its two predecessors. The tales of Kratos, who continues to seek bloody vengeance against the Greek gods, are packed with groundbreaking special effects from Sony's top developers (Sony Computer Entertainment Studios) and this title is already considered to be the benchmark from which the console's graphics are measured by.

Set in the murky underwater city of Rapture, BioShock 2 will leave gamers' nerves shredded as the horror and action of the previous BioShock title are all still present in this blood curdling sequel. Likewise Darksiders will see the forces of good and evil fight against each other in this apocalyptic battle epic, where biblical sized wars and mystical adventure have to be fought in order to avenge the plight of the four horsemen.

Needing no introduction to gaming enthusiasts is the eighth instalment in the Final Fantasy series. Only just released in April, Final Fantasy XIII promises real facial features, the most life-like graphics ever and even more real-time multiplayer adventures. Not just realistic, this battle epic requires users to use their heads as well as their swords to make it from level to level. On the subject of realistic facial features, Heavy Rain is set to become another classic title. Originally released as a demo by Quantic Dreams in 2006, the title (initially called The Casting) set the industry alight with its super-realistic characters and intense and emotional fighting games to play.

With more than 1,000 cars, fully modelled cockpits and around 60 tracks, Gran Turismo 5 is perhaps the very best racing game on the market right now. This time ticking the gear heads' boxes just as much as the video gamers' ones, the new addition to the Gran Turismo series features realistic car damage for the very first time. Add to this realistically modelled courses and an attention to detail that even the most diehard car nut will be impressed by, it's easy to see the appeal of GT5.

Though there will undoubtedly be many more big name PSP releases before 2010 is over, ticking the token ‘organised crime' box so far this year is Mafia II. Set in the heydays of the 40s and 50s, the mob owns America and it is the players' job to steer Vito, a small-time crook, into the top seat as the Don of the underworld.