Tower Defense Games

Based on war principles, tower defense play games are a genre of real-time strategy games for gaming enthusiasts. The concept of tower defense games was first introduced by Rampart by Atari Games. As evident by the fact that tower defense games are based on principles of war, players have to guard their assets (structures and territory) at the same time trying to take over or destroy the assets (structures and territory) of the enemy. Keeping in view the economic principles, it is interesting to note that the players' ability to create new assets (structures and territory) is limited by the resources under his/her control. As in real life wars, there are certain strategic points/locations in every level that give the player advantage (or better control or ability to defend) over his/her assets (structures and territory).

As evident from the name, the main aim of the various tower defense games is to try and stop and/or hinder enemy advances by building as many towers as possible especially at strategic locations. As the player completes levels, the skills and capabilities of enemies keep getting progressively harder. On completing a level or defeating an enemy, the player wins points or money that can be utilized to build more towers. The choice and locations of these towers are the most important considerations of the games strategy and give the player relative advantage of disadvantage. Most tower defense games are programmed in a maze like format in which the player has to move through a maze to complete the level (by defeating the enemy).

The term 'Tower Defense' was coined by Brett Sperry. COM2US Corporation holds the trademark for the term since July 2008. The popularity of tower defense games can be ascertained by the fact that they have now been developed for various types of gaming consoles and media including but not limited to Play Station, Nintendo Wi and iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. Some of the most popular tower defense free games are; White Board Tower Defense, Super Mario Defense, Revenge of the Stickmen, Warzone Tower Defense, Defend Your Honor, When Penguins Attack 2, Vector TD, Vector TD 2, Vector TD X, Desktop Tower Defense, Onslaught, Antbuster, Turret Tyranny, Xeno Tactic, Balloons 2, Protector, Toy Town Tower Defense, Picnic Panic Tower Defense, Defender; Hold the Holy Pig, Elemental Turret Defense, Roman's Tower Defense, Canyon Defense, VR Defense, Ultimate Defense, Keep the Keep, Temple Guardian, Super Energy Apocylpse, Random Tower Defense, and Momentum Missile Mayhem.