The best online games

Mario Games

Mario Games is a series of video games by Nintendo which is highly popular among the kids. These games have a fictional character named Mario which was created by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. In many games Mario is also accompanied by his brother Luigi. The basic motive of Mario in this game is save Princess Peach who was kidnapped by Bowser. Mario goes through various levels in order to save the princess and has to face attacks by the enemy. The main attraction of this game is the power ups and the secret warp pipes that Mario encounters in his pathway.

Bgames online rpg games

Online RPG Games are a broad category of games such as shooting games in which the player is supposed to assume a role of a fictional character and performs actions according to the theme of the game. A simple example that can be cited for a role playing game is of "Cops and Thieves". RPG fighting games are different from board games as RPG games demand social collaboration and team work whereas board primarily emphasize on competition. Unlike other games RPG games don't have a defined storyline and the player can modify the story by the actions he performs. It's the interactivity of these games that differentiates them from other games.

Dirt Bike Games

Dirt Bike games are broad category of games in which the player has to ride a dirt bike in rough terrain and unpaved paths. Usually the path is muddy and slippery and the player has to virtually compete with other riders. The online Dirt Bike games are played over a computer network joined by various riders and can range from a simple text based game to a complex graphics virtual game involving challenges that are similar to real world challenges. Unlike multiplayer Dirt bike games a single player multiplayer dirt bike game is one in which the player contests against a virtual player which is programmed to commit least mistakes.