3 Starcraft 2 Terran Build Orders

One reason why that the Terrans tend to be thought to be the top opening race is the fact that their basic strategy is much easier to carry out than than the other races. Beneath is a fast track Starcraft Two Terran Strategy fighting games along with ways to get you winning a few early matches. Using the Terrans, there are three principal builds you're able to do. Though naturally there's no one monster strategy that can work with all the games, these essential moves will apply to virtually all games.

The three commonest types of build for the Terrans tend to be Infantry, Air and Mech builds.


You should be informed about the four major infantry builds. Popular starting builds in a game are for mass marines, or bulk marines in addition to marauders. Normally, I have discovered that a mixture of marines and marauders is easily the most effective early build order, but you will find exceptions to this tip.

Should you spy on your opponent and you see that he's rushing through air (not typical in a Terran v Terran challenge but common enough in Terrans v Protoss or Zerg battles), then it is a very sensible move to react by building 2 barracks as well as 2 reactors attached to them, and then push a marine ball out. You can then send it into combat for an quick victory.

On the other hand, should your opponent is creating masses of roaches or stalkers, you can react with a large marauder order, as they tend to be the best counter regarding this type of unit early on.

By far the most popular Terran strategy around is the MMM. Comprising marines, marauders and medivacs, the MMM is amazingly simple to pull off, therefore it is very commonly noticed in Bronze and Silver leagues. You'll notice that as you progress, it becomes less typical though; inside Gold and Platinum leagues it's very uncommon as there are effective ways of countering it.

Air Builds

A further typical Terran strategy is to get mainly air units. Yet, the very best gamers hardly ever do this consequently perhaps it isn't the most effective Terran strategy. Rushing banshees is a powerful strategy when fighting against Protoss and Zerg players, while Vikings are a superior option when playing versus other Terrans.

Air strategies are at their most beneficial whenever a 'switch' is performed. For instance, say you're Terran player fighting vs . the Protoss, and you are starting your huge MMM build, it may be anticipated that the Protoss player will respond by massing zealots, colossi and also sentries.

Now is the time to fool the opponent. As soon as his forces are amassed, pull off a quick switch and produce 5 or 6 banshees quickly, and then launch a rapid attack against the opponent. Generally, if he has not developed any air protection yet, you will be able to inflict some significant damage on his new units.

Mech Builds

Mech builds is an additional hugely common strategy for the Terrans, plus they are quite effective too. Generally, this strategy involves generating many thors and siege tanks. The siege tanks are able to instill amazing damage upon opposing ground units, while thors can handle punishing most air units, while they provide protection for your tanks too. After you have done this, you can include a few Vikings to your forces, or even hellions, depending on what your opponent has.

Last but not least this shooting games creating a few ghost units is another normal part of Terran strategies, as you can help your forces by taking out a few of the greatest value opponent targets such as immortals or infestors.