Final Fantasy XIII

Japanese gamers will know the exact release date for the long-awaited Final Fantasy XIII fighting games at the beginning of September - in the Land of the Rising Sun, this game will be released December 17 and version only for the PlayStation 3. Has now become known, and release date of the thirteenth part of a cult series in Europe and North America - in these regions, the game will be March 9, and in addition to the PlayStation 3 game will be released on Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII was announced simultaneously with Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3 in 2006. Then were filed only PS3-version of the game, but two years later at E3 2008 Square representatives attended the press conference and announced the Microsoft Xbox-version of FF XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII will be part mini-series of three games, which was called Fabula Nova Crystallis, which translated from Latin means "New History of Crystal." On the PlayStation 3 in the series comes action-RPG Final Fantasy Versus XIII. And complements this series of action-RPG Final Fantasy Agito XIII for PSP. In addition to timing out, it became known that the title song of the new game began ?My Hands? from the new album Leona Lewis (Leona Lewis) ?Echo?.

Square Enix expects to sell no less than 6 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII.

Duration of Final Fantasy XIII

Motomu Toriyama (Motomu Toriyama), director of Final Fantasy XIII, in an interview with gaming portal Kotaku told how long it takes the players for playing this game.

Games Final Fantasy series can not be called brief. While the "loud" hits from other developers can go for 7-9 hours, then the role-playing games from Square players leaving tens of hours. Will be no exception to this rule and thirteenth part of the famous series. According to Toriyama, the passage of only the main storyline of the players will need more than 50 hours, and beginners may want to and 60 hours.

Here and there we talked about how this game is advertised. Recall that Final Fantasy XIII - is part of a new series, which will include three games.

New Final Fantasy shooting games will be released in Japan will be released on December 7, but only for the PS3, and American and European owners of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will have to wait until March 9.