Best Zerg Guide To Getting Platinum Rank

First and foremost, it's likely that you're already familiar the extra drone trick of the StarCraft 2 Zerg strategies, but if not it can be a good way to give yourself an extra boost early on in the
play games. The point to note is every structure created involves one drone being sacrificed.

The trick is to always have a constant number of drones (around 10) so when one is mutating into a new structure, another one has to be created. This way the drones working on resources won’t have to be sacrificed.

Another useful technique is the rush attack employed by the zerglings and the hydralisks.Your build order will be 10 - Spawning Pool, 10 - Extractor, 10 - Overlord, 13 - Queen. Once you're at 10 supply of drones, keep aside 200 minerals for a spawning pool which is needed for the creation of zerglings and queens, and once that's begun have a drone mutate into an extractor immediately and put 3 drones on gas as you'll need 100 gas for the Metabolic Boost feature. When the Spawning Pool finishes build a queen and get the Boost as soon as you have 100 minerals and enough gas.

Assign a particular for the hatchery, this will enable continuous churning out of zerglings which as the best for swarming the enemy and fending early attacks.
Since the larvae produced at the hatchery are very limited hotlink the queen as well to produce additional larvae. This way army production is always very high provided the mineral input is also very high.

One useful strategy to slow down a powerful enemy is building multiple groups of armies. One to lure out all the soldiers and other ground based attackers and send the other group to destroy the home base and other essential structures.

That will slow their advancement and give you the chance to build more units to attack with. Also hotkeying two different groups will make it easier to swarm around an enemy structure.

The zerglings are very powerful when moving in groups and are very fast, this advantage can be used to lure out the enemy’s basic home defence. Once the home defence is exploited the second group can charge into the enemy base.
Zerg shooting games strategies are usually effective against protoss players who don’t properly guard their perimeter with photon canons, terrans usually have a powerful guard wall and zerglings need to be combined with Banelings to break their defence.

Banelings take up more gas, but the rush technique is pretty much the same as with zerglings. In addition they also require a Baneling’s nest.

First send it the Banelings to swarm and destroy the protective structres, then send it the mass zerglings to add the final blow to the opponent.