Star Trek Online Addiction

Online fighting games that unfolds in the universe of Star Trek, released Feb. 2 (we talked about that already at the time of launch the number of accounts in the game reached a million). So Cryptic Studio announced the first addition to this game. Add-on will be one, but it will be divided into three episodes. The main "heroes" new adventures will Borg - a race whose representatives are crammed with cybernetic implants. Hobby Borg - the seizure of new worlds. Players will save the worlds from these villains, and even fight with the Queen Borg. In addition there will be new ships, new locations and new items. In particular, players can visit the Klingon star sector and the solar system.

The exact release date has not yet named additions.

The console version of Star Trek Online will not be

Multiplayer Star Trek Online has entered the personal computer 2 February and was supposed to appear after version of the game for modern consoles.

But as it became known, studio Cryptic discontinued development of this game. All the efforts of developers today are focused on supporting already published a version for personal computers.

Incidentally, two weeks ago it became known that Cryptic has stopped work on the console version of the "heroic" MMO game Champions Online. Zinkevich Craig (Craig Zinkievich), producer of the project Star Trek Online, said that the development of the console version of the game would not benefit from a business perspective. And, indeed, unbiased statistics show that online multiplayer games for personal computers are more popular than console online projects.

But the successes of MMO games based on the cult TV series Star Trek, we told, for example, here.

Star Trek Online complemented and prices dropped

In February this year the launch MMORPG Star Trek Online. The game was quite popular - in the first days of its virtual world consisted of one million inhabitants. Company Cryptic Studios, of course, wants by all means keep the "population growth" and as often as possible to produce supplements.

Representatives Cryptic said today that came out a major upgrade for Star Trek Online, has received a name Season Two: Ancient Enemies. Thanks to him, users can develop their characters to level 51 (previously the maximum was 45 th), to perform many new jobs - to be Klingon for eight missions to fight his old enemy and defend the position of the empire.

Klingon and Federation will also receive three new rank: your character will advance to vice-admiral of the Federation or of Lieutenant-General Klingon Empire. With the advent of Ancient Enemies will appear and mini- shooting games , along with additional opportunities for personalization spaceships and characters.

Moreover, the full version of Star Trek Online Now you can get much cheaper - for $ 19,99.