The Zerg 6 Pool Rush

The Zerg 6 Pool Rush is one of the oldest strategies shooting games in the book. All the way from the original Starcraft.

There's one very good reason that people are still using the Zerg 6 Pool Rush. It works!

As with any rush your opponent may complain. He or she may even stream abuse at you and call you a noob and then press surrender.

While it's true that we play to have fun, losing is less fun than anything.

So, when you start off the game, you have 6 drones. Start harvesting minerals like mad until you have 200.

One you have 200 you should build a spawning pool. This will allow you to create the cute little Zerglings that are going to win the game against the majority of opponents.

Create a couple more drones until you have 7 and by the time your spawning pool has been built you'll have just enough mineral wealth to press 'Z' three times to create 6 Zerglings.

At this juncture make sure you spawn an Overlord otherwise you won't be able to create the constant stream of Zerglings you'll need if your opponent is able to fend off your first wave.

Your first batch of Zerglings should be well on their way to your enemies base, where he or she will be lucky to have even started work on their first barracks or gateway. Bwahaha.

Annihilate their workers and they'll be helpless. And quite possibly furious.

Now, this is by far the easiest and quickest strategy in the game. You haven't had to build anything apart from a spawning pool and your resource collection has been minimal. It comes with dangers however!

* The Zerg 6 Pool Rush should not be the only strategy in your arsenal. It's so easy and effective that you may become addicted to doing it no matter what your enemy is doing and once you start rising through the Silver league more and more people will be countering it and you'll be at a loss. * An experienced player will expect this from you and be ready to counter it and then you'll be behind economically, so be flexible. * It's much harder on a map when you don't know exactly where your opponent is.

You may have already scouted your enemies base well before you send out your first wave of Zerglings and this is the point where you'll be able to see if a rush is expected. Good players often build their initial buildings at the top of their ramps to wall themselves in, especially Terrans. Watch out for this and make sure you're doing everything as efficiently and quickly as possible fighting games.