FarmVille Guide and Strategy

Once again FarmVille play games has introduced some new items, tasks, themes. They can seem a bit confusing initially but rest assured 'they' know what they are doing and every new task has some fantastic correlation or benefit to how we grow and maintain our farms. These new items including crafting cottages and bees assist you to run your farm even better than before.

Crafting cottages is the new thing. The choices are a Bakery, a spa, a winery, a perfumery, and a fuel workshop. Now the link here is with the Farmers Market and also to create goods to convert as fuel which we all need to continue planting and harvesting so that we can make money and do other things, follow tips from FarmVille guide. There are some good FarmVille strategy around making the best goods so that other players buy from you and you can convert to fuel, XP, coins and so on. You can shop for goods or bushels to make your own goods or use to enhance your star rating on crops and get the rewards that come with that as well as a sign post for your farm. Your star rating too goes up within these cottages and means you can make more goods of a higher level. FarmVille guide has great FarmVille strategy around getting there faster. You can only choose one cottage at a time so my advice is to check them out thoroughly and work out what suits you best. In saying that when your neighbours craft particular goods you can claim some on your newsfeed even if its produce from another type of cottage. The cottages are great in that you really work with your neighbours. It is good FarmVille strategy to ensure you have as many neighbours as you can get to give you a lot of choice in bushels and goods.

The bee hives are great for assisting your crops to be pollinated. There is a bit of a challenge getting the Queen bee but it is doable. You can build you hive first using parts gifted by your neighbours and can collect bees from neighbours too, to populate your hives. The more you gather the higher opportunity you will have harvesting pollinated seeds from fertilized crops. There is a reward for collecting as many bees as you can. You also need to collect the honey daily o else you lose a few bees which keep players on their toes. That to me is a bit of a negative.

A quick FarmVille tip; What I have discovered is that the best time to get free stuff from home page news feeds is definitely mid morning when not every FarmVille free games player is online grabbing first at the prizes! Important to know this I think because there is nothing more annoying than clicking on an item, hatching a mystery egg or grabbing one of the new limited time collections and having a message come up saying they have been claimed.

The FarmVille Secrets Guide is innovative and contains wonderful FarmVille strategy. I refer to it as my FarmVille bible. It will provide you with a number of unique tips on getting loads of XP and coins and even the hard to come by FarmVille cash. The FarmVille guide works immediately and at any level of play. I did a lot of research on finding the ultimate guide and this is it. FarmVille Secrets guide is the very best and is up to date with latest clues and is continually being enhanced. It is clear-cut to understand and utilise which is what I was after.