How Useful is the Towel Trick for Xbox 360

We all know that The Xbox 360 fighting games has been known to fail over the years. The biggest known problem for the system has been the 3 red lights error. This error occurs as a result of a hardware failure of the system. This hardware failure is mainly due to the system overheating causing parts within the system to malfunction.

What is the Towel Trick?

So we know the problem but what is the solution. Well a popular "solution" has crept up over the years that seemingly fixed the Red ring of death problem within minutes. It does not involve taking apart the system and is a simple "fix".

Well what is it? It is known as the towel trick. It is a simple procedure. It involves turning on the xbox 360. Then you wrap it up in a couple of towels and leave the system on for about 15 minutes. Then when you unwrap it and turn the system on the system works. Many have in fact stated that it does make the system work again.


However, the fix is only temporary. When the system stops working again, the towel trick has to be reapplied. The theory behind the trick is that the excess heat generated from the towels resolders some of the loose connections that causes the Red Ring of Death. Regardless of the mechanics or reasoning behind it the trick does seem to get your Xbox 360 running again. So should you rejoice at such an easy trick? Not so fast my friend.

There are extreme disadvantages of performing the towel trick on your system. The first of which is that it is only temporary. You may get the 3 red lights error again in 15 minutes or you may receive it in 2 weeks. Just know that it is a temporary fix.

Secondly the wet towel trick essentially fries your Xbox 360 shooting games to get it to work. Not really a good idea in my book. You are potentially destroying other parts of the system in order to temporarily fix the 3 red lights error. So my recommendation would be not to perform the wet towel trick. There are other ways to repair the 3 red lights error.


If your system is still under warranty then you should send it back to Microsoft to be repaired for no cost. The warranties for the red ring of death are for 3 years from your date of purchase. You will have to wait some time to get it back though. Some have received their system pretty quickly while others have had to wait up to 10 weeks.

If your system is no longer under warranty then you are going to have to pay someone to fix it or fix it yourself. There are a few different fixes that are wondering around the web.

You will find many guides that people are selling that claim to fix the 3 red lights error. Just do your research to make sure that these guides are of good quality and you should be able to repair your Xbox 360 within a couple of hours then you can play any games again from your xbox 360.