Animals You Can Add to Your Farmville Farm

Although they may not be the most productive part of your farm in Farmville, but your farm would surely look dull without the presences of animals. I've had friends that play Farmville, and the only thing they focus on is building up a massive army of farm pets. They may not make you much money, and can take up a lot of space, but after all... isn't farming all about animals?

Animal Farm

There are a variety of animals available in Farmville, which you could find on any real life farm as well. But you cannot purchase every animal in Farmville. For that you need to have some friends.

The animals that can be purchased from the market include cow, chicken and sheep. The rest of the animals can only be gifted. Among the animals that are only available as gifts include pig, rabbit, duck, goat and horse.

Although animals may not be as profitable as crops, but each of them can still offer you to collect some produce. You can collect from the animals and add to your coins after a certain period of time, just as the case in trees.

Along with these animals, Farmville free games offers a lot of bonus animals later on in the game as you continue to play. These animals may appear in the form of a lost cow, a brown cow, a black sheep, an ugly duckling and a pink lonely cow.

The more lost animals you adopt as they appear in your farm, the greater will be your chances to earn the Animal Shelter ribbon with high colors. Collecting from a variety of animals can earn you the Noah's Ark ribbon, while collecting from more animals, regardless of the type, will help you achieve the Zoologist ribbon.

Make Your Personal Zoo

You can decorate the farm the way you like by making your personal zoo. This is one of the many features in the playgames , which allows you to control the way you want to play your game, and to leave your signature over your farm.