Guide To Starcraft 2

If you are a Starcraft 2 fanatic but are struggling to understand the different Starcraft 2 units and buildings, then this article will be an absolute must read. Over the next few minutes you are going to discover the different races within Starcraft 2 as well as their unique strengths and core units.

If it's your plan to be a part of the elite few that absolutely dominate Starcraft 2 it's very important that you learn what each race can do and how to exploit the enemies weaknesses. When you have a firm grasp of all the Starcraft 2 play games units and buildings you'll literally know exactly what your opponent is going to do before he even knows what is going on. This takes lots of time and dedication if you where to go at it alone, fortunately for you some dedicated players have taken of the guesswork out of it for you.

Terran Race and Units: The Terran race is the humanoid race of the game and they are experts in ground and air assaults. They have 13 units for you to command which include four ground infantry units; marauders, marines, ghosts, and reapers are excellent in the art of defending supply lines. For ground artillery units you'll find hellions, siege tanks, thor units as well as SCV's for collecting resources. Lastly they have powerful air units that you can choose; the Viking, ravens, banshees, medivac and leet battlecruisers. Unique buildings: Merc haven, starport, deep space relay, factory and shadow ops.

Protoss Race and Units:

Protoss is the alien race of the game and while they may be a little harder to play than the other two races they absolutely own. Protoss units are known for being far more powerful than the Zerg and Terran but there is a cost for that.

When you play as Protoss you will notice that they have 15 different units that you'll need to master. Your ground units are sentries, zealots, stalkers, high templar and dark templars. Artillery ground units are observers for scouting, probe for resources, immortals, warp prisms, colossus and archons. The Protoss's air units are the carrier, void ray, phoenix and mothership.

Zerg Race and Units:

The Zerg race is a despised insect group of Starcraft 2, which they are unique because instead of having to build buildings they breed them instead. The Zerg race has 15 units for you to get familiarized with but unlike the Protoss numbers of the pack is everything to the Zerg.

The basic ground forces are zergling, roaches and larva, with banelings, nydas worms, hydralisks, queen, and drones for gathering, infester and ultralisks being the ground artillery. Your air born forces are; overseers, overlords, brood lords, and corrupters.

So now you are completely familiarized with different races and units within Starcraft 2, free games now all you need to do is learn a sound strategy and hone and practice that strategy is much as possible. Remember, just like any other RTS speed ultimately is going to decide your fate.