Cabela's Legendary Hunts

Hunting may or may not be a sport for you, you may do it for the meat or even for the trophy animals, but what ever you do it for this is a game for you. If you do not like hunting at all, or even if you think it is unfair animal cruelty then click your back button. Don't bother reading anymore of this if you are one of those people.

In Cabela's Legendary Adventures, players hunt in different eras in search of trophies such as white-tailed deer, Yukon moose, Alaskan brown bear and Roosevelt elk in over ten of North America's top hunting locations, including Kodiak Island, the Yukon and the Rocky Mountains. Each location in Cabela's Legendary Adventures is a visually stunning open outdoor environment that encourages exploration and tactical variation. Shooting mechanics have been developed to reflect modern as well as historical hunting technology, so players relive the hunts complete with detail from specific time periods. Following the life of Walter Graham you learn about his family, how he grew up around hunting all while hunting and learning about animals.

I think that this kind of story is different and makes for a fun free games, combining true-to-life hunting experiences with the fun part of video games. I wish there had been more energy put into the story, Every mission is pretty much the same, as you learn about Walter's past you're going to be told to hunt this, track this down and much more. To me this is just a waste of time, but i think if there was more of a story and it felt less like a history lesson the game would be much more fun.

Hunt this, hunt that, kill this many beavers and birds in this much time. I pretty much just discribed every type of mission to you in less than 15 words. This game has a great style of gameplay, with two basic control schemes, wii remote and nunchuck or the wiii zapper (sold separately). I found the Wii remote and nunchuk combo to be fun, pointing to aim and pressing the B button to shoot. However if you own the Wii Zapper accessory then i urge you to play the game this way. It has a much more realistic feel to it.

A couple of things i found to be missing were the options to change the controls, there were no interchangeable buttons, and barely any motion controls. Another poor thing about the game is the trophy buck i was hunting was attacked and killed by a grizzly bear, making it impossible to complete the mission. Now this woul have not been so bad had i just started the mission, but no i was anout 45 minutes into it. So they have the AI set a little too good for the animals to interact in that way.

As for replay value this game has none. Once you beat the main storyline you can compete in offline tournaments to beat already set highscores, or play two player. All two player is, is you and your friend take turns at a shooting range trying to hit targets. The fun lasts one maybe two rounds, other than that there is not really anything else to do.

When you first begin this game in the year of 1933, you have four basic weapons a 30-06 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 44-revolver handgun, and a long bow. Now these aren't that great of weapons but they are the best of their time. As you progress through the game the weapons will go through changes and updates, according with the time of course, all of wich will affect your weapon's basic statistics. Such as range, ammo capacity and weight.

The Edge: My personnal favorite weapon is the longbow, i prefer hunting with this because it's more silent than any of the other weapons, but a couple of things that drag it down is you have to reload after every shot, and does not carry the same amout of "firepower" as the other weapons. For me silence is more deadly then power. However one cool feature about the play games is the fact you can change wepons on the fly. So if you shoot your bow and alert the animals, say a grizzly bear, and it starts to charge you then you can pull out your rifle and shoot it with more accuracy.