Super Mario Galaxy Wii

Super Mario Galaxy Wii can be considered as one of the must own play games for Wii owners. The game itself has much appeal to those who are new to games as well as veteran gamers. Just as you can say that the best games for all the previous Nintendo consoles are Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 3 for the NES, Super Mario World for the SNES, and Super Mario 64 for the N64, then the best game for the Wii would have to be Super Mario Galaxy Wii.

This great game has one of the most beautiful designs of any game you could think of. The levels and graphics are rendered so impressively that one could not help but play and just stare at it in amazement. While the story itself is nothing much to look forward to, as it is very briefly explained and delved into, the game itself does not need to depend on the story too much as it is solid all on in its own. The goal is to rescue the princess - like any good Mario game - and to do that, Mario has to travel around the universe collecting as many power stars as he can in order to power a ship which can fly into the center of the universe where the princess is being held.

Controlling this game is quite flawless and easy to get used to. It would not take very long before the controller would feel as if it were an extension of one's body where, in this case, Mario is your body. The stages themselves are so well-designed that players would look forward to going through each and every stage and would derive half of their fun simply through playing each stage again in order to find every missing star piece.

The soundtrack is also something to look forward to, as it is very impressively put together. One other thing that gamers can look forward to are the different sorts of power suits that are available for Mario, which all offer different skills that have its own handy use in different stages. What also makes Super Mario Galaxy Wii so much fun is its replayability value. The stages are just simply quite fun to go through again and again. There are not very many free games that people would like to finish more than once, unless they are more than just casual gamers.