The Mage Leveling Guide

Mage is one of the popular classes in the most popular MMORPG - World of Warcraft play games. The main weapon of a mage is fearsome magic. Equipped with many destructible magic spells, a mage can kill several mobs at once. But the lack of defensive ability of this class can make leveling a hard task if you are a new player. In this case, a mage leveling guide is very helpful.

As I said earlier, a mage has many deadly spells in his arsenal. In addition, he has some supportive spells which grant him abilities like buffing his party, summoning food and water, teleporting himself and others to a particular destination etc. Hence, you must be well experienced to use all these abilities of a mage to the maximum.

With the help of a mage leveling guide, you can level up fast by using the magic spells properly. Though you can choose any race to create a mage, it is recommended to go for Trolls because of their racial abilities which support the class better than other races.

The best way to level up a mage at early levels is to do every quest which you can get. The benefits of following this strategy are; instant level ups, valuable gears and good amount of money.

At the beginning, you will get four spells namely; Fireball, Fire Blast, Arcane Missiles and Frostbolt. Fire Blast inflicts high DPS (damage per second) but it consumes higher amount of mana. The problem with Arcane Missiles spell is that it gets interrupted when a mob hits your mage. So the best option is to use Frostbolt first, and then the Fireball.

Another important thing you must remember is to always put the buffs on mage. They are namely, Frost Armor and Arcane Intellect. Though most of the mobs die in the middle while charging at your mage, some may evade the spells. As a result, your mage will have to engage in melee fight. In that situation, use the staff to dodge and attack the mobs. But this should be your last option only.

This is the easiest way of leveling a mage at early stages. Your mage gets stronger and stronger as he levels up. But the leveling will demand lots of time and make it boring if you do not have any strategy. Hence, a mage leveling guide is the best option if you want to level up within 2 or 3 weeks. Thus, you will not only save your valuable time but also be able to enjoy playing the World of Warcraft free games.