Final Fantasy Xiv Guildleves

There are two types of levels: regional leves and local leves. Regional leves are basically quests that can be completed by gathering or engaging in fights, in other words battle-type and gathering-type. Local leves on the other hand is more suitable for crafting classes and takes place within city perimeters.

List of available quests can be obtained from the NPC in the region. Players would get instructions that explains what the rewards are for each quest and the corresponding aetheryte. All leves start at the aetheryte.

When gamers play fighting games touch an aetheryte crystal, their stats are fully restored. Players can return to a crystal using teleportation. In most cases, the area around artheryte crystals are full of live and excitement. Quests begins once the player touches the aetheryte. Questing in Final Fantasy XIV is made even easier given that the direction in which the gamer needs to travel to complete the quest will then appear on the map. For parties, everyone would be able to see where they should be headed too as well. To make questing even more interesting, in FFXIV, once a monster is engaged with a player, other players would not be able to snatch the monster away. Once the quest is cleared, the character or in the case of a party, the entire party would be automatically teleported to the aetheryte crystal and get the shooting games quest completion reward.