Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game

You've got to hand it to Naughty Dog fighting games . After the hype surrounding this sequel, thanks to the critically successful Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the dev was under no pressure to include a multiplayer option when it came to releasing Among Thieves. Early feedback suggested the company was on the verge of sculpting one of the finest adventure games of this generation - if not in history - meaning a single player-only offering would've been all the justification needed for your purchase. As is now evident, Naughty Dog planned on being much more generous than that. Uncharted 2 is not immediately gratifying when you take it online. Seeming to fall somewhere in between Killzone 2 and the Xbox360 exclusive Gear of War, your first thought is to play it in a similar fashion. You jump from cover and engage with any foe you stumble across head on. Unfortunately, this sees you get repeatedly shot down in cold blood until you start to wonder what's gone wrong ; Among Thieves needs a little bit of time to learn its unique mechanics. Much like the main game we're all used to using Nathan Drake's unique abilities is absolutely imperative to racking up your killcount. Rather than just use the methods mentioned, speed and agility are your best friends. Find yourself pinned into a corner and it's not out of the realms of possibility to leap to a nearby building. Scurry across the top, fall into cover only to turn around and eliminate your rival who'd been so desperate to administer the final blow. It's constant adrenaline-filled ride that can be as exhausting - not a million miles away from the sensation felt when going through uncharted 2'snarrative portion. With an absolute barrage of modes, from deathmatches to takes on capture the flag and territories, and a 'boost' system that gives you perks to gain an advantage, there's an amazing amount of depth to keep you interested - that's before we talk about co-op. Above all else, the co-operative options will force you to remain in Uncharted 2's grasp long after you're seen the end credits. The first plays out as if you were going through the main game; you'll be given an objective and sent on your way. The appeal comes from how difficult these sections are. Without smart tactics or voice chat, the overwhelming amount of adversaries - that come from all angles - will bring your group to their keens. It's a a joy experience as it's so much more than the usual here's a piece of action you're already seen with some extra bodies thrown in for good measure' - it's surprisingly expansive. So after jaw-dropping excellence of Uncharted 2's components, its PSN shooting games and equivalent is just as compelling. Potentially the best-rounded game on PS3.